T minus 6 days

Let the countdown begin… I’m leaving in 6 days! 

My bags are almost completely packed- thanks to my wife, and after turning my house completely upside down I finally found my passport.  I still have to weigh my luggage, but I’m hoping to only bring one so I can avoid any extra charges.  A ton of clothes, chef knives, chef jackets and of course my tablet to keep you updated, will be my only belongings for the next two months.  The only thing that is holding me back as of right now is the fact that I woke up Sunday with a cold.  I am usually not one to get sick, but after busy weekend of an out of town wedding, and the stress of making sure everything is in order for me to go I think I forgot to take care of myself.  I’m hoping that this cold goes away and that means I won’t get sick when I’m in Italy!  I’ll keep you posted…


4 responses to “T minus 6 days

  1. What a wonderful adventure! Thanks for giving us the opportunity to share your journey thru your blog. Many will miss your cooking while you are gone! May God give you safe travels and a clear answer to the direction of your future.

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