Am I ready?

I am feeling better healthwise, but its still crazy at the Barbanente household, as I search for last minute USB cords, my European cell phone charger and finalize my life insurance haha.  I’m mentally and physically prepared for my departure tomorrow, but emotionally saddened as I say goodbye to all of my family,  friends and my home away from home where I have spent the most time the past ten years of my life (Amore Mio Restaurant).  On that note, I would like to thank everyone for supporting and encouraging me to follow through with my dreams.  The endless words of encouragement and prayers that I have receieved over the past few weeks has really confirmed that I deserve this opportunity.  I would also like to thank all of my wonderful customers who have allowed me to utilize my passion and cook for them for the past ten years, and to let them know they are in good hands as my father/mentor will cooking in my place.

I still have to work tonight so its time to finish making the bolognese sauce…Ciao!



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