Day 1-Robbed

Hey all, It’s Tawni, Tony’s wife…  just to keep you all posted on Tony’s travels…

Yesterday we received a phone call saying that his flight has been cancelled, luckily they had his flight protected and rerouted him through Detroit Michigan and then on to Rome.  This morning he arrived in Rome and what happened there is truly unbelievable… I received a phone call verifying that I was Tawni and from that point every bad thought rushed through my head, the next statement out of the lady’s mouth was we have your husband at the police station…  I instantly panicked but continued to listen as the lady from the US Embassy of Rome filled me in on Tony’s adventures.  Apparently he picked up his car and was loading his stuff in when he got robbed.  I have had very minimal communication with Tony (less than two minutes) and it has been via other peoples phones.  I do know that all of his important documents were taken…passport, credit card, atm card, money, cell phone etc…  The call continued as this lady informed me that “your husband requests that you to transfer him money, cancel the credit cards, and see if you can gps track his phone.  He will be calling you collect later this evening”  I spent the majority of my day running around to the currency exchange and being on hold explaining the story to every credit card supervisor and t-mobile management.  “We can not cancel the card with out Tony’s verbal approval”  “Miss…” and from that point I lost it  I handed the phone to my mom as she tried to explain that we could not verbally communicate with him because his cellphone was stolen… customer service at its finest.  Everything seems to be ok for the moment as I have booked Tony a hotel in Rome for the evening deviating from his very structured itinerary.  He has also received the money transfer, hopefully enough to get him back on his feet in foreign country.  For my day being as stressful as it was, I can only imagine what my husband went through, and the over 12 hours he spent at the airport trying to sort everything out.



8 responses to “Day 1-Robbed

  1. Tony, please hang in there. Thank God you were not physically harmed. Shake this episode from your mind. And move forward on your journey knowing that you have loved ones always thinking of you.

  2. Wow! Kinda sounds like one of those email scams. I hope the rest of the trip goes smoothly. I will say some extra prayers for Tony tonight!

  3. I’m so sorry to hear about all his troubles, hopefully everything will work out. The best news is that Tony is okay. Money phones and cards can be replaced. Tawni I can’t imagine the frustration you must be feeling. If there is anything I could do to help you through this time please let me know. Tony is strong and positive he will bounce back and hopefully this ugly experience doesn’t ruin his dream. Love you both.

  4. So sad to hear how the trip got started—-it can only look up.
    You are in my prayers. I know Tawni is holding down the fort at home!
    Everything can be replaced, thank God Tony is safe.

  5. Wow!! sorry to hear that, am glad he is unharmed, believe me that happens everywhere. Hope to see Tony back at Amore Mio soon we are due for a visit.

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