Keeping Busy

The past few days have been so busy I haven’t even had time to go on the computer!

Saturday was the wedding here so I worked from 9 am until 3am (with breaks for lunch and dinner.  We served just over 250 people and I was exhausted.  Saturday was also Tawni’s birthday so I talked with her a few times through out the day.  I wish I could have sent flowers, but couldn’t because I don’t have a credit card anymore…  After only a few days of having my phone all the chefs know my ringtone so when the hear it they all look at me and say “la moglie” – most of them are single.  Last night I went to the pub with them and received a phone call from Tawni who put my cousin John on the phone and was blessed with wonderful news.  After several family and friends heard about what happened to me in Rome they started a fund where many of them made generous contributions.  Tawni and I are so touched to have such thoughtful friends and family in our lives.  We truly appreciate that during this tough time everyone came to together to help out and I really appreciate all of the words of encouragement-

“Tony, we are praying for you, and know that this is just a mere bump in the road. Keep your head up, and enjoy the beauty around you, and all that you will learn. Looking forward to following your blog. Love, Marisa & Jason”

Thank you to everyone who made contributions- Zio Vito and Zia Rosa, Zio Ottavio, Marisa and Jason, Giovanni, Mark and Agnes, John and Dana, Paul (Dana’s brother), Francis and Enza, Roberto and Caira, Zio Frank and Zia Angela, Nick and Mariella, Allesandro Bellini, Zio Tony and Zia Dina, and Cousin Anthony.  Your generous donations are greatly appreciated!!!

Today I am running around doing errands at Ipercoop, the Italian version of like a Target, where one of my single Italian friends wanted to purchase a Ukelele, perhaps to seranade a woman, haha I don’t really know why, he just wanted to.

I am looking forward to tomorrow…something having to do with cheese and balsamic…check back for more.  Also, don’t forget to subscribe to the blog, for a chance to win products!!!!


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