New location, new problems

With every new location comes new problems… I have been in Bari, well Mola di Bari for about 5 days now.  The first day I was here I tried calling the insurance company to get car insurance on my dad’s old Fiat 500, they told me that they had to get approval from Milan and that they would send a fax to have my dad sign…well five days later and nothing! I have called numerous times everyday to try and get this taken care of, and now they just don’t answer the phone anymore.  There is no sense of urgency in Italy!  America is super fast-paced and Italy is super slow-paced, there is no in between and I’m really starting to struggle with the Italian sense of time.  To get anything done around here is such a hassle!

I called the restaurant I was going to be working at, but because I was not able to get there when I was supposed to the chef decided to go on vacation.  I tried going to another restaurant close by but they didn’t like the idea of an American coming in and trying to learn all their secrets.  Another problem with working at restaurants over here is that even though it is an unpaid internship, the restaurant has to pay the government, similar to workers comp contributions.

This weekend starts the “Festa della Madonna” meaning that almost everything closes down except the restaurants, and the whole town parties.  Everyone says the piazza is going to be lit up like a Christmas tree.  Even though I don’t believe in the Saints it will be very interesting to see.

Thank God I have friends and family here that are helping me out- special shout out to Nicola Tagarelli and his family who have been feeding me, hanging out with me and really making me feel at home.

One night we went for pizza in Mola and I needed a ride home so Anna (Nicola’s daughter’s) boyfriend offered to bring me home on his scooter.  If anyone has seen the Italian scooters they know that they are not designed for two full grown men…he insisted.  After bottoming out several times, the tires looked like they were flat and I told him to just leave me and I would walk the rest of the way home and that he should go pump some air into his tires.  Certainly a memory on my journey.

Despite not working this week I have been keeping busy visiting family and friends, and eating good too! Time is going fast and there is just over one week till I get to see my beautiful wife and daughter!

Congratulations to Rocky the first winner!!  Keep reading the posts and you could be the next winner, I think I’m going to visit Giachi Olive Oil in the next few days so stay tuned.


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