Back to Business

Tonight was my first night back to business working at Locanda del Pilone in Alba.  Many of you are probably wondering what I’ve been up to the past two weeks though….a nice relaxing vacation…well, kind of

My wife, cousin John and his wife Dana arrived in Rome on September 19th, oh and you can’t forget my baby Francesca!.  Everyone made it one piece with all luggage, first potential obstacle overcome.  We rented a station wagon and hit the pedal to Rocchetta, a very small town in the Molise region.  My cousin John has family there so we mingled with them for a  day and a half and then headed over to Pescara, home of La Valentina winery.  What an amazing time we had sampling over 10 different kinds of wine of all varietals.  Lucky Caira is the winner of La Valentina Montepulciano di Abruzzo bottle of wine.  We also enjoyed a meal prepared by Maria, their onsite chef with specialties including cheese balls and sheep 🙂

Day 4 off to Bari, or back to Bari for me at least.  We only had two days there which was filled with hellos and good byes to all my family and friends.  We also went to Alberobello which is filled with trulli- these unique white houses with cone like roofs.  The story behind them is that locals came up with a unique type of housing that could quickly be demolished, in order to avoid paying taxes, then easily rebuilt. The trullo has thick walls, made with stacked river stones, without any mortar linking the stones. Its a cool thing to see but now that I’ve done it twice I don’t really feel the need to ever go back.

More about my crazy vaycay coming tomorrow, I promise!


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