Amalfi Coast

I think I left off at day five, our trip over to the Amalfi coast.  I’ve driven the Amalfi once before so I knew what I was getting myself into, which was a station wagon with four adults, baby Francesca, stroller and accessories, 7 luggages plus carryons and a whole lot of prayer.  Driving the Amalfi coast takes a lot of focus because you are driving hairpin turns and you have to do it a speed that won’t insult the locals.  At the same time coming around the corners are often huge tour buses, in which case you kind of pull over to let them easily pass. Anyway, I live to tell about the journey.  Our first night on the Amalfi coast we spent in Ravello. A small little town with not much to do but very beautiful.  We spent a few hours just walking around, taking pictures and just enjoying the beautiful weather and view.  Based on a recommendation we ended up at a fabulous restaurant. Nothing fancy but very good food, atmosphere and price 🙂  Me, Tawni, John and Dana were pretty much all in agreement that the best pizza we had in Italy was in Ravello.  It was a simple preparation, just topped with marinara, garlic oregano and other seasonings.  No cheese no meat just regular marinara, and man was it good!  Another memorable dish was dessert-profiteroles.   But these were not just your ordinary profiteroles, they were coated with a rum chocolate, once again outstanding. The next day we had a fairly short drive up to Positano, one of the most beautiful and romantic cities in the world.  After carrying the stroller down what felt like thousands of stairs I now know why it is called the vertical city.  From Positano we actually took a fairy over to the Island of Capri.  It wasn’t quite what I expected, but I’m not sure what that was.  And, once again there were stairs…but this time up.  Dana was sprinting ahead of us up the stairs thinking how cool it was to get exercise while Tawni and I were near death panting and carrying the stroller up what seemed like miles of step.  I think my legs took a week to recover from that climb.  At the top of the climb was “the strip” – some of the highest end stores I have ever seen, all name brand and all really nice stuff.  We basically just windowshopped had a bite to eat and then did the smart move and took a taxi down.  Not just any taxi though, this taxi was a four door Fiat convertible. Ridin’ in style!  Tomorrow I will take you all from Positano to our journey north to Tuscany!



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