Locanda del Pilone

The last leg of my journey was an adventure of course, but no where near the drama of the first half of my trip. I started work at Locanda del Pilone, a Michelin star restaurant in Alba. The restaurant was an old farmhouse that had been rebuilt as a restaurant. It was situated on a vineyard, hence the over 1200 wine options on the wine list!

Every morning I would wake up and and make 5 different kinds of bread:
Herb bread
Olive bread
Walnut bread
7 cereal bread
Regular bread

Each person would then get their own basket of bread with one of each kind. I also perhaps gained some weight from being the “unofficial” gelato sampler. There were 14 varieties of gelato and I tried them all from Barbara di Alba sorbet to mozzarrella di buffalo gelato. I wish we could make gelato like that in America. The have the highest quality machines in Italy. Every kitchen I worked at or saw was using top of the line equipment like stoves, ovens and gelato machines. Another factor why they can make such good gelato is because of the milk they use. The FDA regulations in America are much stricter and we are not allowed to use milk fresh from the farm!

One of my favorite things about Locanda del Amicone was the fact that I was there during peak white truffle season. Everyone that know me knows that I am borderline obsessed with truffles from my previous visit to Italy about 5 years ago. Every time the door to the dining room opened I got a big whiff of truffle 🙂 (In Italy, the shave the truffles tableside)

Anyway I learned a lot about pastries and baking which was awesome because that was one department that I did not have a ton of experience in. At the end of the day though I missed my family and cut my journey short by one week. I am now back home and back to work with a whole new perspective on life!


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